What is sustainablity and why is it so important?

Sustainability falls in three pillars. People, Planet and Profit.

To put it simply, sustainability is satisfying our current needs without jeopardizing future generations' capacity to fulfill their own. We require social and economic resources in addition to natural resources. The purpose of building sustainable business practices is to establish methods that ensure the long-term viability of People, Planet, and Profit. The fundamental concept necessitates the collaboration of present and future generations globally, as well as a shift in values for all to prioritize the many over the one, to prioritize the future of the Earth and humankind over present profit and advancement ambitions. 

Through environmental sustainability ecological stability is preserved, all of the planet's natural ecosystems are managed appropriately, and natural resources within them are utilized at a rate that allows them to regenerate again.

Economic sustainability means that civilizations throughout the world are capable of keeping their freedom and have access to resources, both monetary and non-financial, that they deemed necessary to fulfil their needs. Economic structures remain intact, and activities such as secure sources of livelihood are available to everyone. 

Lastly social sustainability ensures basic human rights and necessities are accessible to all individuals. It assures that everyone has the resources to maintain their families and communities health and security. Healthy communities have ethical leaders that guarantee that personal, labor, and cultural rights are maintained and that all individuals are safeguarded from discrimination in healthy communities.

Without sustainability we continue down a dangerous path that will only lead to further division of people and destruction of our planets invaluable resources. We need to take care of our planet and our people and put profits to work to benefit all.

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