Hi! We're the Stormes Family. We love to be outdoors, enjoy the sun, and we are absolute beach fanatics. Besides that we are foodies who love to try new things and new places. If you mention Harry Potter be ready for quotes and reenactments. We also adore plants and mini schnauzers of which we have over 100 plants and we've had 3 mini's.

The bearded guy is me Brian Stormes along with my amazing wife Kelli and our 4 minions or as Kelli likes to say to me "my mini-me's."

I've not had an easily life by any standard growing up poor, having been a victim of rape from age 6-8, being mentally and physically abused until the day I left my parents house and later being a victim of recurring sexual assaults' during my first 1 year in the Navy. In 2020 I lost my second high paying job thanks to my degrading memory issues which are attributed to my illness' in a 4 month span which had me out of work for 3 months. We were forced to sell our home quickly for a loss after only 1 year of ownership. We moved half way across the country back to N.J. to live with my mother in law in a 2 bedroom apartment and then we had to give up our cars as well. Everything I had worked so hard for was gone in just a matter of months. Shortly after I became a 100% total and permanently disabled veteran due to Fibromyalgia and PTSD. I felt like my life was over and that I had no real reason to live. One day my wife reminded me of who I was and how resilient I had been throughout life and she reminded me of what I told our 2nd daughter after being born 4 months early. She told me like I told our daughter that I'm a Stormes and we don't quit and that there is no such thing as I cant. She picked me up that day and I started to think of how I could use my talents to do something productive. She reminded me that I've always been a great motivator and that I'd always been able to bring the best out in people. Kelli also reminded me that I was a great artist and designer and that I should start doing art again.

After a couple of days I approached my wife with the idea of starting Sirius Shades because I wanted to prove to our children and the world that even in the most dire circumstances you can still push forward and make your dreams happen. My dreams have always been to be a designer of some sort as I've been designing toys for our minions, book shelves, houses and even cars for fun.

After starting to read self help books and becoming a meditation practitioner I started learning so much about myself and in the process I've unlearned a massive amount of self destructive habits and thought processes. I still have my illness' but they no longer control my life. I'm in control and its our mission that through our brand we hope to educate and help the world over to become their best selves just as we are.

Sirius Shades is all up not giving up. We are not simply a sunglasses company. The plan for Sirius has always been much larger than that. Our name comes from Sirius the brightest star in the sky. We want to show the world that no amount of hardship can dim your light so long as you have faith and believe in yourself. When we say Stay Sirius we are reminding you to keep your light shinning. Don't let anyone or anything dim your brilliance. "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light."- Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. 

Stay Sirius.