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Aquilas are classic and traditional. Chances are you've found yourself here because you are stylish and love looking good without seeking attention. And why would you need it; when you're a natural badass. That's not to say that the Aquilas won't break necks. The camphor burls are mesmerizing due to their swirls of rich browns and tans within the wood grain while the dual-tone maple/walnut create an eye-catching combo that demands attention. Aquila is the timeless aviator elevated. 

*For every pair sold, 1 tree is planted.*  


Frame: 100% FSC Certified Premium wood

Standard Fitment


TAC 100% UV400 Polarized Lenses 

40% lighter than traditional plastic and acetate frames

Stainless Steel double hinge comfort spring hinges

Premium Bamboo case

1-year Warranty

1. Using a microfiber or lint-free cloth, wipe away any loose debris and drift.

2. Combine a small amount of unscented dish soap or detergent with a little water.

3. Soak your cloth in the solution and wring out any excess fluid.

4. Wipe all surfaces of the sunglasses, including the lens and hinges.

5. Wipe clean with a dry towel and allow to air dry for an hour.

6. Once dry, use one of the following waxes and lightly rub on frame using a clean microfiber or lint free cloth.

• Beeswax 

• Lip-balm

 • Butcher block oil 

• Walnut oil

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